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Massage therapy for golfers with no time for pain!


Are you having a hard time finishing 18 holes

without slicing and dicing it? 

Does it hurt to carry your bag? 

Is your back screaming with each swing?

Hi! I'm Kelley Lane, Licensed Massage

Therapist and Golf Pain Specialist.

I help golfers who have low back and hip pain,

knee pain, shoulder issues, and elbow/wrist pain.

My goal is to help you:


  • increase your range of motion

  • decrease muscle pain 

  • get through a golf related injury

  • improve your golf score

  • Resulting in a more powerful torque and a higher finish!


Call or text me at 843-957-6103, or book online. I look forward to meeting you!

Kelley Pogonovich, Licensed Massage Therapist

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Golfer with shoulder pain
Golfer with low back pain
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